Crush City is a graffiti supply shop just outside Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. They have our All City Style trains featured prominently on their homepage and in their shop... above is an image from their shop of two of our clear Ghost Trains assembled and on display on their counter. Crush City is one of a handful of Australian shops with ACS trains in stock, and is possibly the only Australia ACS retailer with the Ghost Trains available! We only made 500 of the clear trains in the last production run, so they are very rare. If you're in QLD, this is your one-stop shop.

You can also pick up your supplies of Ironlak, Montana, Krink, Molotow and a mess of other paint brands in their shop. Very cool to see our trains displayed with the paints. Thanks Crush City for the photo!


Crush City

423 Ipswich Rd

Annerley QLD 4103