All City Style Wall Graphics Now Available via Walls360

You've all been waiting for it, and the time is finally here! All City Style removable, restickable wall graphics are now available via the print-on-demand Walls360 consumer website! You pick which train and what size, Walls360 prints them super fast and mails your order to you! Shops, galleries and artists around the country have been destroying these wall graphics for the past few months as we obtained samples.... now you can get in on the madness too!

We even rolled out a bunch of new trains for this release: Silver Streak is the classic silver/blue train, everybody knows the old-school Redbird, we recreated the yellow Work Trains and also threw in the White Elephant, the rarest of the rare!

Choose graphics as small as 12 inches ($7 each) or as massive as 6 feet wide ($110) and several sizes in between! Walls360 even set up discounted 3-packs of the 12" graphics, and discounted 2-packs of the 2-foot graphics to save you more money!

Click here to order.

Check out the Walls360 blog post about this release to see more pics!