PRESS RELEASE: Exhibition of Painted Subway Trains Opens November 22 in Grand Central Terminal

November 18, 2014

Exhibition of Painted Subway Trains Opens November 22 in Grand Central Terminal

Bigshot Toyworks and PIQ Products present All City Style: The Grand Slam, an art show of one-of-a-kind custom painted All City Style subway train models. The Grand Slam opens on November 22, 2014 at 4PM in the PIQ shop located in the Shuttle Passage of New York’s Grand Central Terminal. The Grand Slam show runs concurrently with several different model train shows on display in NYC during the holiday season.
Celebrating the unique creative expressionism of late 20th century NYC, The Grand Slam art show brings viewers back to the days when each passing train exploded with color and style.  The Grand Slam showcases the works of the pivotal artists that pioneered this art form, as well as many others that have been inspired by the vibe, aesthetic and spirit of the past. The All City Style 20-inch-long subway train “canvas” allows these artists to express themselves freely while paying tribute to the movement and culture that inspired a generation.

The idea for the All City Style platform was conceived amidst the creative fervor of 1980s-era NYC by Klim Kozinevich of Bigshot Toyworks. First unleashed in 2004, with the support of multiple gallery shows worldwide, the All City Style trains were embraced by the global street art, fine art, and designer toy communities. Artists of all styles agree that the All City Style train is an excellent and unique platform for creative expression. In celebration of a decade of All City Style trains, PIQ gallery and Bigshot Toyworks proudly present The Grand Slam: the next chapter in this ever-evolving concept.

The artist roster for The Grand Slam includes some of the most respected names in aerosol art, fine art, illustration, graphic design and tattoo art:

123KLAN Scien & Klor • KR.ONE • PHASE TWO • VULCAN • DOME • RIFF • CHOR BOOGIE • Galen McKamy • Joshua Izzo • BRISKONE • APEXER • MCA / EVIL DESIGN • Bio TATS CRU • BG183 • NICER • DERO • PER • Carlie Ramer • Hieronymus • MERES CBS • James "SEXER" Rodriguez • ZIMAD TD4 CBS • Brutherford • Eternal 7VIIth • Rob W Hunt • Prox One • Ralston Fox Smith • Gabriel Shaffer • Joe MacCarthy • Tragnark • Steve Talkowski • Frank Kozik • Task One • AngryBlue • Lou Pimentel • AW177 • Eric Orr • Frank "Wore" Croce • Original GEE • Glenn Barr

This show is open to the public for one month and the pieces will be available for purchase in the PIQ shop, with pickup available after two weeks. Art aficionados of all ages are welcome to attend the show, as are members of the press. Blank All City Style trains will be available for purchase at PIQ or from one of the All City Style retail partners listed on the website. Kids can download the All City Style Training Page or papercraft model from the All City Style Downloads page. Attend the opening to grab an All City Style Training Page to get your favorite artist to sign!


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